Willio Jeanvilma

Willio Jeanvilma

Sport:   Men's Soccer

Year:     Sophomore

Major:   Computer Science


Why I chose Brookdale: I chose Brookdale because it has really good programs for a really good price.

What I want to be doing in the next five years: Playing soccer at a higher level or working in the technology field.

If I could invite any three people to dinner, who would it be and why: My girlfriend because she is living in a different country and Marc Zuckerberg and Cristiano Ronaldo because I just love these twos guys. They are good examples for me.

Favorite pre-game meal: Haitian food. It does not matter what it is. I eat about three hours before kick-off and drink water until kick-off.

This actor would play me in a biography about my life:  Kevin Hart because I make jokes just like him.

If you could battle with any artist on lip sync battle, who would it be and what song would you battle to: I would battle with Lucky Dube and the song we would battle to would be, "Hand That Giveth".