This webpage will introduce you to the intramural and recreational services available at Brookdale Community College. It will provide you with basic information. You are encouraged to take full advantage of the facilities and services provided.

Intramural sports offer all Brookdale students, faculty and staff the chance to participate together in a wide variety of team sports, individual sports and special events. Everyone is given the chance to compete, stay fit and make some new friends, regardless of your ability level. Whether it's your first time playing or not, intramural sports has the right league for you!

The success of the intramural program depends solely upon you. We are looking forward to your participation during the course of the year.

The Intramural and Recreation program is located on the first floor in the Brookdale Recreation & Events Center (BREC). It is specifically open for intramurals from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM Monday through Friday.

The Intramurals and Recreation program is directed by David Tomkins. His office is located in Robert J. Collins Arena (Room 203C). Please feel free to stop in and discuss ideas with him or email

Mission Statement

Our mission statement for intramural programs at Brookdale Community College is to provide you with opportunities of competitive competition in sports and recreation programs outside of the varsity athletics realm and for those programs and services to promote the maintenance of good mental and physical health.


Intramural Guidelines

Intramural Programs

2017-2018 Intramural Calendar

2018-2019 Intramural Calendar

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Intramural Registration Forms



3 v 3 Basketball


Hockey                                                                                                     Open Gym / Open Tournament


5 on 5 Basketball



Flag Football

Once you have completed the Individual Registration Form, please click the Waiver and Liability link below.

Waiver and Liability Form (18 & older)

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