2016-17 Jersey Blues Co-ed Cheer/Dance/Tumbling Tryouts

2016-17 Jersey Blues Co-ed Cheer/Dance/Tumbling Tryouts

Lincroft, NJ- Tryouts for the Jersey Blues Co-ed Cheer/Dance/Tumbling team will begin on Thursday, September 15th. Any student interested in trying out must have a valid physical form completed by their doctor.

If you cannot make the practices prior to tryouts or there is a conflict with classes the day of tryouts, please contact the coach for an alternative time to tryout.  ktscholar@verizon.net

A current physical MUST be submitted prior to tryout clinic and tryouts, otherwise you will need to register for second tryout date.

Brookdale T-E-A-M-S Philosophy

Teamwork is the groundwork for families, friends and cheer teams to reach past obstacles toward successes.

Excellence is achieved through demonstration in abilities, character and dedication to the team.

Acceptance of all team members in order to preserve and acquire adaptability skills in our constantly changing environments

Measure and challenge us as team members and people, to surpass the current expectations of achievement.

Show the temperament to recognize and achieve the highest standards as it relates to our virtues, education, honesty and sportsmanship.

Go Jersey Blues

  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to practice tryouts / tryouts to allow time for stretching and proper preparation
  • Please wear proper clothing for ease of movement (i.e., shorts, sweats, T-shirt etc.)
  • For safety please secure your hair away from your eyes and face
  • No Jewelry should be worn
  • Sneakers or dance shoes can be worn for tryouts
  • Please bring water, asthma pumps or any other items to ensure hydration and proper health needs

Tryouts consist of the following elements for each candidate you will perform in groups of 3 – 4. Routines are acclimated for female and male specifics routines.

Cheer – To be taught at tryout clinic

JAM –we are the Jersey Blues, say

JAM - it's nothing but net, say

JAM - we are the Blue and White

JAM – there is a Dunk in sight, say

JAM – Going to win tonight


Dance - Perform a 1 ½ minute dance routine to be taught at tryout clinic

Tumblers - Will be judged on Standing tumbling and a running tumbling pass

Stunting – Basing and Flying will be taught at tryout clinic and judged on safety, technic and stability

Competitive team - will be built based on ability and commitment to competition practice and performance, which are different from game team.

NOTE: Cheer Team notifications will be made via Text Message or E-mail, candidates preference.

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