Brookdale Co-Ed Cheer/Dance/Tumbling Tryout Information

Brookdale Co-Ed Cheer/Dance/Tumbling Tryout Information

Lincroft, NJ- The Brookdale cheer / dance/ tumbling team tryouts will be held in the Collins Arena on Thursday, September 21st and Friday, September 22nd.

Tryout Information

Sept 21, 2017 ​​6-9 PM​​      ARENA        Tryout Clinic: team cheer, dance and stunts

Sept 22, 2017 ​​7-9 PM​​      ARENA        Tryouts ** must be registered with the coach
To register for tryouts contact coach with the following information

​Contact e-mail or cell # for text

​HS Graduation Year

​Experience (cheer, dance or gymnastics) Yes or No

​A current physical MUST be submitted prior to tryout clinic and tryouts, otherwise you will need to register for second tryout date.

If you cannot make the practices prior to tryouts or there is a conflict with classes the day of tryouts, please contact the coach for an alternative time to tryout.
• Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to practice / tryouts to allow time for stretching and proper preparation.

• Please wear proper clothing for ease of movement (i.e., shorts, sweats, t-shirt etc.)

• For safety please secure your hair away from your eyes and face.

• No Jewelry should be worn.

• Sneakers or dance shoes can be worn for tryouts.

• Please bring water, asthma pumps or any other items to ensure hydration and proper health needs.

NOTE: Cheer Team notifications will be made via Text Message, Cheer Chat (IPhone & Android) or E-mail, candidates preference